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'A beautiful body perishes ,but a work of art dies not.'-Leonardo Da Vinci

I have been fascinated with the trade long before starting my professional career and enjoy giving people the chance to decorate their body in a safe and fun way.

I started my apprenticeship in late 2011 and was a full time professional by 2015.


- Appointment only-If you'd like to schedule you can email us or give us a call at 469-803-6306 Same day appointments are typically available.


-18+Physical ID/DL,passport or any valid government issued ID will work.18+ clients CANNOT bring in school ID and birth certificate must be a valid government ID/DL or passport.


-MINOR APPOINTMENTS: Must be scheduled by parent/guardian and not the minor. Minors must bring ID(can be school ID, state ID/DL/PVD or passport. Guardian/parent must be present with valid ID/DL or passport along with the original birth certificate of the minor(cannot be a copy or picture of the original.


-Checkups are very important to make sure a piercing is properly healing*No call/no shows will not be able to schedule future appointments.If you are unable to make it to your appointment please call or email us.


**Anodizing available in shop**

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