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First Time Getting a Tattoo?

Many of us at some point of our life had our bodies Ink free. Who know what actually get to you on that moment but we decide to be cool and get our first tattoo and of course a bunch of questions will pop on our heads, things like what can I get design wise, who will be the artist, this thing will come off?

So here are a couple tips on what to look for or what to do when you are getting your 1st tattoo

1- A tattoo is a permanent modification to your body. To this day, the only way to get rid of it is through laser removal, which is painful and way more expensive than getting the tattoo. So don’t be cheap, go to a licensed tattoo parlor, talk to your artist, check his portfolio and make sure that he is not only good but also consistent on the artwork.

2- Red flag!!! My cousin bought a tattoo machine, he’s been practicing on synthetic skin for 3 days and my aunt says he is a good artist. If that is the case of your first tattoo, run the other way, quick!!!, there are a lot of artists working out of the house but only a few are good (1 out of 100)

3- Check the reviews on the shop, is the place clean? Is the service good? Did the artist sit down with you to figure out what do you want to do?

4- Even if you are pretty settle on an idea, listen to the artist most of the time we will guide you to have the image you want, mixed with our input and the style is our strongest. If is not the style you are looking for, then maybe is not the right artist for you!

5- Do not drink before the tattoo!!! Please don’t, alcohol on the blood will thin your blood making you bleed a lot more. As the needle goes in and out and going back to the ink cups slowly but surely will delude the ink, almost like pouring water on the ink.

6- Research, research, research! The latest trend on Pinterest might be cool today but probably not in 1 year. If you don’t want to finish with the same basic tattoo everyone else have, don’t do it, make a twist, work around it and again, listen to your Artist.

7- Eat one hour before the tattoo, will help a lot with the pain, and get a good night of sleep before, it looks like something small, but will make a big difference on your pain tolerance.

8- I understand that you don’t want to be by yourself at the parlor but the tattoo is only for you, bring your cousin, your mom and 3 other people with you will make the place crowded, the artist uncomfortable also you will make miserable the people seating and waiting 3 hours till the piece is completed.

9- And his is the last one and no less important, if you have to set an appointment it means several things. Number 1 your artist is good enough to stay busy and number 2, will give him enough time to get your design ready by the time you come to the shop.

Don’t rush to the chair, make smart choices and everything will be great, hope this was helpful to you guys!!!

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